The Pharmacy Museum in Sibiu

In September 2021 we have visited the History of Pharmacy Museum in Sibiu, part of the Brukenthal National Museum. Taking advantage of the specialized guided tour provided by Dr. Ana-Maria Păpureanu, we have discovered the very rich patrimony of this museum opened in the former rooms of the Black Bear pharmacy, the third one in Sibiu, that functioned between around 1600 and 1949, when it was nationalized. This is the largest history of pharmacy collection in Romania, with circa 7000 artifacts dated between the 16th and the 20th century. We have talked about the history of the museum itself (opened in 1972) and about the education programs they organize.

We recommend all those interested in the history of pharmacy, pharmaceutical technology, homeopathy and history in general to visit the museum in Sibiu. The information provided inside the museum is abundant and the guided tours can be very technical for groups such as students of pharmacy and botany.