Visiting Dr. Eva Crișan

Dr. Eva Crișan reorganized the display of the history of pharmacy collection from Cluj in the Hintz House during the 1960s and 970s. Medical doctor by education, Dr. Crișan has taken over the older collection of the ”Institute for the History of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Medical Folklore” from Prof. Valeriu Bologa. The history of pharmacy museum opened in 1954 on the ground floor of the former Hintz pharmacy in Cluj, but in 1964 it closed for the opening of the corner passage that destroyed part of the building’s ground floor. During that year, the collection was taken over by the history museum. The basement was opened to the public in 1972, with a display reconstructing an apothecary laboratory, accessible from the previous exhibition rooms through an ingenious flight of stairs for small areas, designed by arch. Strauss. The result of Dr. Crișan’s efforts, the laboratory was inspired by the display of the most significant pharmaceutical museums from the German environment, making use of both original items and replicas for the reconstruction of the era’s context.

Dr. Eva Crișan was the first and most longevive museographer of the collection, active between 1964 and 2001. In 1984 she had the pharmacy museum included in the European Association of Museum of the History of the Medical Sciences, while in 1995 she organized in Cluj a prestigious international history of pharmacy congress. We are privileged to be able to visit her and document the history of the collection and of the field of research in general.