The two pharmacy museums in Kőszeg

The charming town of Kőszeg, Hungary, boasts two pharmacy museums, both part of the Kőszegi Városi Múzeum and both on display in old local apothecary shops: Aranyi Egyszárvu Patikaháza (The Golden Unicorn Pharmacy Museum) and Fekete Szerecseny Patikaháza (The Black Saracen Pharmacy Museum). The first, which is the larger of the two, is located in the very center of the town, and one can visit the exhibition on the ground floor, the plant-drying installation and exhibition in the attic, and the reconstructed herb garden in the back. The exhibition is remarkable through it extensive materia medica and inclusion of medical instruments. The smaller museum contains officina furniture sets, as well as a reconstructed laboratory. We have certainly enjoyed our visit to Kőszeg and learned a lot.